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Early War Impression: May 1939-June 1941

Our Primary Unit impression is the "Early War" look.  This represents the uniform worn and equipment carried by the enlisted infantryman prior to the invasion of the Soviet Union.

Infanterie Regiment Grossdeutschland was formed in June 1939.  After limited action in Poland, the unit was reorganized into a motorized infantry regiment.  It then took part in the invasion of France in June 1940, serving with distinction.

After the cancellation of Operation Sea Lion, Grossdeutschland was sent for training outside of Vienna.  Following its march into Yugoslavia and subsequent occupation of Belgrade, Grossdeutschland was poised on the Eastern frontier, awaiting the largest land invasion in history.   


This is the first impression that all unit members must obtain.  This means once you join the unit, you are expected to acquire all the items listed below. You are not expected to purchase the entire impression at once, but gradually over time.  

Current unit members have loaner gear to borrow while you build your impression.

Uniform Essentials:

  • M36 Tunic

  • M36 Stone Grey Trousers

  • White Collarless Service Shirt

  • Trouser/Suspenders

  • Internal Tunic Suspenders & Hooks

  • Tunic Collar Bind

  • Black Equipment Belt 

  • Heer Belt Buckle

  • M34 or 38 Overseas Cap

  • M35 Helmet -"Apple Green Finish"

  • Jackboots - with hobnails 

  • Zeltbahn - "Splinter Pattern"

  • Boot Socks


Equipment Essentials:

  • K98 Black Leather Ammo Pouches (1 Pair)

  • Bayonet & Black Leather Frog

  • Tan-Green Bread Bag

  • Entrenching tool & Black Leather Carrier

  • Brown Canteen & Cup

  • Mess Tin

  • Fork & Spoon

  • 2-3 Black Leather Equipment Straps

  • Gas Mask Canister

  • Rubberized Gas Cape

  • Tornister

  • Y-Straps

Winter Gear:

  • M36/40 Overcoat

  • Grey Wool Gloves

  • Wool Scarf

  • Head Toque

  • Mouse Grey/Splinter Parka


  • K98 Rifle 

Uniform Essentials

Equipment Essentials

Winter Essentials


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