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New Recruits

So you're interested in World War Two reenacting? 


Before you embark on your new journey into living history, there are a few things you need to know.

Cost Investment:  World War Two reenacting can be expensive.  A baseline German infantry impression can cost upwards of $600 - $700, excluding your weapon.  Most unit members have loaner equipment that you can borrow prior obtaining your own kit.


Choosing A Unit:  There are numerous great German reenacting units located across the Midwest.  We strongly recommend attending a public event to meet with different groups to ask questions. 

There are units that portray different nations and military branches, so it's up to personal preference on which group you should join.


Erich Graff_edited.jpg

What does 5th Kompanie Großdeutschland do in the reenacting community? 

Our unit participates in about 10 events each year, ranging in size and scope.  We strive to educate the public and ourselves throughout each of the events.

The most common event is a living history event, in which unit members camp out in the field.   We conduct night patrols, practice infantry tactics, and improve our first-person impressions.  These types of events are open to the public, affording unit members a tremendous opportunity to educate spectators. 

We also take part in tacticals which are simulated war games just for reenactors. Unit members are divided into squads to capture objectives using 1940s German infantry tactics.

Unit members strive to accurately portray the experiences and struggles of the common German solider.  We adopt first-person personas, eat period correct food and listen to 1940s marching music.

There are many World War Two German reenacting units, but there is only one 5th Kompanie Großdeutschland.


Want to fall in with us at an upcoming event?  Then submit a message  to contact our unit commander and learn more.  We'll be in touch with your shortly.


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